What are your business hours?

We are open Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm, and Saturday 9am-3pm. We are closed on Sunday.

During the holidays our store hours may be extended, make sure to check out our hour page that is always being updated during those times.

How do we place our order?

You can place your order online for pick up and deliver with an easy check out process.

For all special requests you may email us at info@lebouquet.com, or call us at 514-747-2581.

Do you have any pre-made bouquets ready in store?

We do not have any pre-made bouquets ready at the store, except for during holiday. Order online and we will have it ready for you!

What time are the deliveries made?

Deliveries go out during our business hours of 10am- 4pm.

Can I request a specific delivery time?

You may request a preferred delivery interval such as before 12pm or after 12pm and we will do our best to accommodate. Precise delivery hours cannot be accommodated.

For funerals, please indicate the time of the service in special instruction at check out and we will make the delivery accordingly.

What happens to deliveries for Funerals on Sunday?

Deliveries for Funerals on Sunday will be made on Saturday. Most funeral homes except flowers the day before and will keep them overnight in a flower room. We will coordinate with the funeral home and church for the advanced delivery. The flowers will remain fresh for the next day.

If there is any problem with the church excepting flowers in advance, we will contact you directly.

Where are my funeral flowers placed at the funeral parlor?

It is not up to us to place the arrangements. Our drivers are required to leave the flowers in a reception room after which the funeral home employees will place them.

Do I need a stand for my funeral piece?

If you’re ordering a wall spray, wreath, cross or heart. Your floral arrangement will need a stand. Funeral homes will provide a stand. Whereas other places of worship will not, always check with them if they offer stands. If they do not, will offer a stand for 20$ which is also refundable for 15$, after the service.

When is the cut off for same day delivery?

Cut off for same day delivery is at noon Monday-Saturday.  

I need to change my delivery address or delivery date; how can I do this?

Please contact us at 514-747-258 right away. If it’s outside of our business hours, leave us a message or send us an email. Any change to address or date need to be made 24 hours before the original delivery date. Delays may incur as a result.

What if no one is home?

            If no one answers the door;

  1. Call the recipient for further instructions (I.E. will they be home soon, is there somewhere we should leave it)
  2. If the recipient doesn’t answer, we may leave it with a neighbour who kindly accepts the flowers on their behalf
  3. If it’s a condo building or workplace with a reception, we will leave it there
  4. If the door is well sheltered and the weather permits, we may leave it at the door

Information of these occurrences will be left on a tag at their door or as a voicemail.

I did not receive my email confirmation that my order was received.

Please check your spam folder. If it is not there, email us with your name and name of recipient and we will send you the confirmation.

I got confirmation of delivery, but no flowers were received.

Please call us as soon as possible. We will contact the driver directly and make sure the flowers we’re delivered to the right address.

What is the minimum purchase for a delivery?

The minimum purchase is 35$ before taxes and delivery fees.

Didn’t receive your bill after you placed your order?

Try checking your junk mail! If it’s not there, send us an email at info@lebouquet.com and we’ll gladly send it again.

How are deliveries calculated?

Delivery fees depend on how far your location is from our store. Fees vary from $12.99 to $24.99 on the island of Montreal and Laval. Off the island is $29.99 – $34.99.


How can I find out a delivery cost?

Type in the postal code in the product description of the item you have your eye on and the delivery fee will be calculated.


Do we design floral arrangements for weddings?

Unfortunately, we do not accept weddings. We still make bridal bouquets as per requested but can no longer accommodate floral arrangements for large weddings.


Can I order flowers for delivery to a hospital?

We do NOT deliver to hospitals. Our delivery service is forced to leave the flowers with security and majority of the time they are not brought up to the patient. The only instance where this is possible is if the patient has a visitor on site the day of the delivery which can meet our driver at security to bring up the flowers to the patient. We must have the visitor’s cell phone number in that case.


How do I take care of my flowers for them to last longer?

If you receive your flowers in a bouquet, undo the wrapping, and place them in a vase filled with room temperature water and the solution that is wrapped with the flowers. Add a little water daily to your flowers. After 4 days, take your flowers out of the water, cut an inch off the ends, and refill the vase with new room temperature water.