Alocasia sanderiana, Also know as African Mask. Leaf stalk and blade each about two feet (60 cm) long. The triangular blade has deep, broad lobes, dark green with silvery-grey margins and main veins. Origin is East Indies. This is a non flowering foliage plant. This plant requires extra care, Likes high humidity. Does best in bright indirect sunlight coming from the North/East/West. Keep the soil evenly moist and if you use rainwater, be careful as it could be acidic. Use warm water. Feed every two weeks spring through fall with a water soluble fertilizer. An alternative is a granular slow release fertilizer if applied annually in the early spring. Plant is poisonous if ingested so do not keep it around children if possible. Mist frequently with warm water (lime free to avoid leaf staining) and repot in the spring if necessary. Place pebbles or gravel in the drainage dish to hold water and increase the humidity, make sure the pot is sitting on the gravel and not in the water. If possible put outside for the summer in bright indirect light.