Build-a-bouquet book by Le Bouquet

How to Build a Bouquet with Build-A-Bouquet

Do you like to play with flowers?  Do you have a knack for design?

Then come into the shop and play with our Build-A-Bouquet flower designer.  It’s a Le Bouquet original featuring over 95 different  flowers arranged by color and quadrants. 



How to use it:

1.  Practice your floral designing skills

Which flowers work best together?  Which colors?

2.  Destress with the help of pretty flowers

Are you overwhelmed and need some creative time away from your busy life? 

Come into the shop and zen yourself out for an hour.  

3.  Keep your kids entertained while you shop

Got busy children (or grown up siblings, spouses, roommates)? 

Keep them entertained while you look around our shop.

4. Waste time. 

Remember that quote by Bertrand Russel?  

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."  


So come play!


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