Clever ways to upcycle from Le Bouquet

Clever Ways To Upcycle

Have you ever received a flower arrangement and thought to yourself “what on earth am I gonna do with this container afterward - store it next to all the other glassware on the top shelf way in the back?” 

We got to thinking of different ways we could upcycle containers, vases, and even coffee pods - and came up with today’s post.


Coffee pods as mini-planters

We saw this post from French blogger, and fell in love.  We wanted to see if it was as easy as she makes it look, and it was!  So here are our results.  Instructions can be found here.


Upcycling nespresso pods for air plants and succulents by Le Bouquet


Vases for something other than flowers

You know those very curvy, thin glass vases?  We found a pretty good use for them.  If you have long hair and require using hair ties on a regular basis, you might try making a hair station similar to this one.  The base of this station comes from another container we sell here at the shop, used for small plants, made by Woodaznu.


Bathroom organizer out of vases and plant containers by Le Bouquet


Mini planters as organizers

This includes the mini succulent and mini plant containers, glass or yogurt containers, and pretty much anything else this size.  We reorganized all our office supplies with these bad boys and we think it’s pretty handy!


Mini containers as office organizers by Le Bouquet


Planters as pen and pencil storage 

Office supply storage, hair supply storage, nail polish storage, scissor storage…and Flower Pen Pot?  We liked this idea so much we had to try it.  This came from our media girl.  Using an oasis floral sponge, we inserted our Le Bouquet pens (cleverly marked with silk flowers on the top so we wouldn’t lose them) to form a big, bright bouquet. 

Surprise, surprise!


Planter upcycled into a writing utensil bouquet by Le Bouquet


Wood Planters for wine storage

This one seemed too obvious.  Maybe because we have too many wine drinkers working at the shop.  We converted Woodaznu’s long planter into a rustic wine rack.  Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving.


Planter upcycled into a wine rack by Le Bouquet


Mug used as a planter or vase

It’s been a few years since Le Bouquet debuted the EA131 arrangement in a smiley face mug.  The arrangements were so popular we had to create more.  So now we’re offering the Zen Mother’s Day arrangement inside a clever yoga themed mug.  Enjoy your flowers, then enjoy a soothing tea afterwards.


Stop and Pose Yoga mug arrangement more colors


Do you have more ideas?  Share them with us on our facebook page @lebouquetmtl with the hashtag #earthdayLeBouquet


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