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Company Christmas Party? Here’s 3 Ways to Knock Their Stockings Off

One of the most anticipated parts of the jubilant Christmas season are all the celebrations and festivities you’ll attend and the memories you’ll make at them. For companies, this sentiment rings just as true. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation the company holiday party is typically an annual tradition, but much more than that it’s a way to show your employees and/or coworkers and even clients how much you appreciate them.

The celebration you throw says a lot about your company – but that doesn’t necessarily dictate whether it should be a grand blowout or should be a smaller, intimate company get-together. The key thing to remember is the hallmark of any great celebration is in the little details, such as the party’s ambiance. The ambiance of your company’s holiday party can easily be set apart from the others with a just a few subtle additions to your décor and floral arrangements.

Here at your favorite Montreal florist we’ve put together our top 3 ways to “jolly up” your company Christmas party décor (these work great for your home too!):

  1. Poinsettia’s are the new "power" color

A long-time holiday favorite, there’s such a uniqueness, exuberance yet simplicity to the Poinsettia plant that you can never go wrong with incorporating these into your décor. While the most popular Poinsettia color remains to be a red as bright as Santa’s sleigh this powerful plant comes in an assortment of cheery colors such as white, pink, green, yellow and even multicolored! However, these additional colors may be limited so if you do want more variety your best bet is to call your florist ahead of time to inquire about your options. If you really want to set your Poinsettia’s apart from the crowd, we recommend asking your trusted florist to adorn them with a decorative planter, additional Christmas greens and even mini pinecones.

Given their low maintenance and the beautiful variety of colors they come in, the Poinsettia plant not only will add volume to your company party décor, but they also make for great gifts to send your guests home with at the end of the night.

  1. Pinecones – a treat for the eyes, and the nose

You know what one of our favorite things about pinecones is? Their versatility and adaptability. The addition of pinecones to any holiday bouquet or centerpiece has a way of elevating its elegance and overall spirit. We love to play with the combination of hard and soft and suggest pairing the ruggedness of smaller pinecones and Christmas greens with arrangements of delicate red carnations or roses and white lilies or orchids! The earthy undertones of the pinecones really make the Christmas greens and reds pop. (Check out our Gracious Gift Bouquet)

The FTD Gracious Gift Bouquet Exquisite Le Bouquet Montreal

Pinecones of a larger size make for a great natural air freshener during your company party! Set the mood and create an aura of “Christmas at the cabin” by adding the intoxicating aroma of cinnamon or clove scented pinecones in an embellished dish or bowl and strategically place them near a display or presentation you really want to show case!

(Tip: You can usually purchase presented pinecones from your local market in a bushel, or you can pick your own pinecones and infuse them with sweet scents by spraying them with an essential oil and water mixture!)

  1. Centerpiece or center of attention?

The psychology behind centerpieces – be it on a dinner table, a buffet table, or a top a fireplace – is to bring everyone in a setting together. To draw them closer to one focal point and therefore to each other.

There’re so many fun and beautiful embellishments that you can add to a centerpiece to make it special and every year we look forward to bringing new life to centerpiece décor in creative ways. Add a sense of warmth and playfulness to your centerpiece by building your arrangement around a decoration, such as a spirited colored candle, wooden or clay figurine, and tie your creation together with a festive bow or garnish more voluminous centerpieces with pinecones, bells, glittery snowflakes, and smaller round Christmas ornaments.

Warm Christmas centerpiece red Le Bouquet Montreal

For instance, one of our more popular creations our ‘Warm Christmas Centerpiece’, comes in three different festive colors red, silver and gold, and is the perfect balance of variety and cheerful for any company party. These centerpieces come with a souvenir candle holder with a classic seasonal stencil such as a Christmas tree, a reindeer and even Santa Clause.

Illuminated from the candle, the rest of the centerpiece is comprised of Christmas greens such as pine and spruce, with white chrysanthemums and red carnations, and adorned with smaller pinecones, decorative ribbon and miniature round Christmas ornaments of various colors.

For more ideas and tips or for help putting together your company’s Christmas party décor, come pay us a visit and let us help you get inspired.

From our business to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!