non-red roses in the spotlight

Non-Red Roses in the Spotlight!


Can we take a moment to talk about roses? And not just red roses (lets be honest, they already get a LOT of attention) but ruffled Pink Mondials; tinted blue Tibets; soothing Playa Blancas; delicate Coolwaters; fiery Circuses; and timeless Tiffanys. So take a moment to appreciate their beauty and keep reading to find the products in which we have featured these beautiful blooms!

Did you notice the different whorls in the above pictures? Whorls are the ways in which the petals are arranged on a stem and no, they’re not all the same! Some petals are twisted while others are quincuncial (try saying that three times in a row!) but we won’t get too much into detail there. First off we have the pretty Pink Mondials! A new variety to our store, this rose was put in the spotlight because of its uniquely ruffled two-toned petals. If you look closely, you’ll see that the tips of the petals have a creamy tint. This also happens to be a trait in the white Mondials, but in its case the tips are green. The Mondial siblings aren’t always a first choice when other solid white or pink roses are available, but we hope that the pink Mondials become a first choice once people see them in the Pink/White Mondial Bouquet!  



Have you seen a blue rose before? These specialties are actually white roses which have been given blue water as its water source. As it sucks up the water, the petals become dyed! The royal blue that is the result does not look as good as on its own, so we keep our blue roses featured in the simple Blue Rose Bouquet. Complimented by the white baby’s breathe, the roses really POP!



Coolwater mauve has been a popular choice for anniversaries and birthdays. Their (quincuncial) bloom opens into a large flower that isn’t expected when initially taken home. They make wonderful companions to large oriental lilies in the Fabulous Bouquet, a best seller at Le Bouquet since 2012!



Circus roses are truly spectacular when they open: the petals almost seem to bend backwards, and the red tips create a sort of fiery illusion. Not to mention they are The Roses Etc bouquet include 12 circus roses, yellow lilies and yellow gerberas. This way the two-toned petals shine amongst the other bright yellow flowers.



The Playa Blanca roses are the closest we come to carrying garden roses year-round. They have a higher petal count than normal roses which give them a more wildflower appeal, so pairing them with light purple stock, deep mauve lisianthus and blue-green seeded eucalyptus creates a stunning high-end wildflower arrangement, the Playa Blanca.



The Tiffany rose: our number 1 best selling wedding flower for bridal bouquets thanks to its soft peachy tone and delicately twisted petals. Pairing it with white flowers, blue-green eucalyptus, soft pink roses and seasonal ranunculus, the Delilah bouquet becomes a graceful and whimsical piece for any romantic.