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The Sentiment Bouquet: Mother's Day Edition

Sunny yellow, vibrant orange, luxurious purple, classic red and whimsical pink: have you ever wondered what certain colours represent?

The itch to create something new finds itself around the coming of spring, and luckily Mother’s Day is just in time! The upcoming holiday seemed the perfect occasion to introduce this signature bouquet because people are always looking to find their mom a gift with special meaning. We’ve devised a bouquet that includes our most classic flowers but with a twist: we’ve emphasized colour as the focal point of the gift. Florists are asked again and again what colour flower is best for a particular occasion and the most common answer is whatever that colour represents to you or them.

In this article we’ve outlined the symbolism behind 5 colours so that you can tailor your mother’s day bouquet perfectly to best reflect what she means to you. Additionally, every bouquet will come with a card that tells her what the colour represents. Happy reading!

Yellow:  cheerful, playful, happy

We all know someone who is never without a smile, has a laugh that can brighten the room and a sense of playfulness that can put even the grumpiest of people (or kid) in a good mood. If this is the kind of person your mom is, then yellow is her colour. Like the sun she made you strong and helped you to thrive. She picked you up when you were down, put a smile on your face when no one else could and was always busy making sure your childhood was anything but dull. Imaginative daytrips, dancing in the kitchen, singing in the car… the list goes on and on!

Orange: creative, adventurous, warm

Orange represents creativity and adventure! Moms who loved to go on road-trips, camping expeditions and exploring new destinations are the perfect orange candidates. Whether your childhood was jam-packed with family adventures or the creativity of art projects and musical jam sessions, at the end of the day your mom always made sure you felt comfortable in your own skin, safe in your home and warm in your heart.

Red: love, energy, excitement

Beyond the fact that nothing is more classic and elegant than a red rose, red is the universal symbol for love. If you would like to emphasize the love you have for her, then this is the right choice for you. Not only did she love you unconditionally and wholeheartedly, red also represents energy and excitement. Therefore if she was always thinking of the newest and most exciting things for you to do together, then red is for her.

Purple: royalty, wisdom, devotion

Because she should be treated like royalty! She’s already done so much for you that it’s time to spoil her. Purple has represented royalty throughout the years and it has been the colour of regal queens throughout history. Additionally, purple represents wisdom and devotion which finds itself to be very fitting of a queen. So as your mother devoted her life to raising you and continues to guide you through your own obstacles with her wisdom, it may be purple that best suits her.

Pink: femininity, sentimental, affectionate

Pink is well known to represent femininity but less known for sentimentality and affection. If this mother’s day you plan to reminisce on old photo albums and revisit stories from your childhood then pink will appropriately suit the occasion.  And if you think back to those moments with affection and gratitude then pink is nothing more than perfect.

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