Orders must be placed 10 days in advance. Please note that prices change without notice according to certain holidays.

Bulk Babies Breath (Gypsophila) Each Bunch has 10+ stems (1 bunch = approx. 250 g)

Standard = 6 bunches

Deluxe = 12 bunches

Premium = 24 bunches


As with all of our bulk flowers, they are shipped in a box, untouched.  To make them their most beautiful, follow these instructions:

1.  Fill a bucket (or multiple vases) with clean water.

2.  Add flower food to the water and make sure it dissolves completely

3. Careful shake the stems loose and sperate the stems.

4.  Using a non-serrated knife (or blade) cut your stems one inch from the bottom on a 45 degree angle

5.  Place the stems into the water

6.  Re-cut your stems and change your water every two days for maximum freshness

* Keep flowers away from direct sun, cold temperatures, and from fruit (as the gas makes them wilt)

**It is normal to have a certain amount of breakage from the farm