A message from our delivery service about ‘Contactless Delivery’:

A friendly reminder to all that delivery services are working harder than ever so that the rest of us can stay safe at home.

Contactless delivery is a safety measure to ensure their welfare as well as your's, so we kindly ask that you to respect the following:
Do not ask the delivery person to bring items in your house;
Do not open the door until they are at a safe distance.

When ordering for someone or yourself, make sure you’ve listed the correct delivery address & information. With most deliveries being left on doorsteps and signatures upon delivery being unattainable at this time, it is CRITICAL that you make sure the delivery information is correct. If no one is home, orders will be left at the doorstep.

Finally, as they are putting their own health at risk to do this work, we owe them patience and kindness. Thank-you!