Reiger Begonias are ideal for the window-sill gardener as they will bloom for months on end if placed, ideally, in an East window. Several hours of moderate sunlight are best. During the summer months, plants in a South window should be protected from the intense noon-day sun. Reiger Begonias will flower best on about 12 hours of daylight daily. Excessive bright light may inhibit blooms. As the heat from the sun increases in the summer, reduce or filter the light somewhat to protect the foliage from burn. Foliage that turns from green to a coppery colour would indicate that some protection is needed. During the winter months, when there are shorter days and less sunshine, some supplemental lighting such as nearby florescent lights or an incandescent plant light, will help to keep plants looking vigorous. Never wet the leaves on a begonia, or, mist, unless you must for the purposes of insect control. When watering, use tepid or slightly warm water, and wet the soil thoroughly. Make sure all water drains away from the pot to prevent the roots from remaining soggy. The soil should feel a little dry to the touch before watering again. This will allow the soil to draw much needed oxygen to the roots.