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True Love


Imagine the joy and astonishment that will light up their faces when, in a dazzling gesture, they are surprised by the arrival of a sumptuous bouquet of carefully selected red roses, not counting 10, 20, or even 30, but 50, 75, or even 100 magnificent scarlet flowers! Each rose is chosen for its perfection, its brilliance, and its timeless symbolism.

Surrounded by airy gypsophila and lush greenery, these roses form an exquisite composition, a floral declaration of absolute extravagance. It's more than just a simple bouquet; it's a living work of art, designed to capture the very essence of your love and to dazzle the one who is fortunate enough to receive it. Offering this bouquet is offering an unforgettable sensory experience, an explosion of color, fragrance, and sentiment, embodying the deepest passion and affection. It's choosing to celebrate love in a grandiose way, allowing the flowers to speak with unparalleled generosity and elegance.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Given the significance of this product, a payment verification will be necessary following online purchase, potentially requiring an E-Transfer

Standard- 36 roses
Deluxe- 50 roses
Premium- 75 roses
Equisite- 100 roses

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