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True Love


Imagine their surprise when they receive a bouquet of 36, 50, 75 or 100 stunning red long stem roses! Encircled with baby's breath and greenery, this bouquet is the most extravagant way to convey your love!

VITAL NOTICE: Given the significance of this product, a payment verification will be necessary following online purchase, potentially requiring an E-Transfer

Standard- 36 roses
Deluxe- 50 roses
Premium- 75 roses
Equisite- 100 roses

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Salim Ibrahim
  • Salim Ibrahim
  • 155 Boulevard Deguire
  • 1407
  • Montréal H4N 1N9
  • QC, CA
Catherine Zaloshnja
  • Catherine Zaloshnja
  • 2555 rue Grenet
  • app 405
  • Montreal H4L 0A9
  • QC, CA

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