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6 Must-Have Arrangements For Your 2017 Holiday Season

6 Must-Have Arrangements For Your 2017 Holiday Season

The Holidays are just around the corner and in an effort to stay sane, we’ve come up with six arrangements leading up to the New Year designed to help take the guesswork out of gift-giving. Why not give flowers as a gift? They’re beautiful, fragrant, compostable (for all you eco-conscious gift givers), and darn it they make you feel good. So here we have it.

November 27 – December 3

….drumroll please….


Now, I know what you’re thinking. Whaaaat? Poinsettias already?! We hear ya. But just look at these photos for a second. Let your eyes bathe in the glory that is four different varieties of Poinsettia. Handpicked by Joseph, even.

Don’t you want a house full of them? Us, too. And they’re available now, with and without decorations, so come grab one or two or ten. The earlier you buy them, the more likely you’ll get to see their leaves change color – which is pretty magical.

Holiday Mixed Bouquet (CA66)

There are so many things to love about this bouquet. The color palette being the first. Just look at those greens and reds and the pinecone accents. This is a fresh cut, so you get to choose how it’s wrapped or what kind of vase you would like. If you REALLY want to surprise someone, box it up and wrap it like an early Christmas gift. The lucky recipient will never guess there is a bouquet of forest hiding inside. Did we mention how good it smells with the evergreens?

December 11 -17 Enchanted Forest (Leb99)

Le Bouquet is partnering with Woodaznu once again for a special holiday arrangement. This year they’ve hit the mark with this adorable (just look at his nose) snowman figurine, complete with forest greens, gorgeous reds and whites, burlap bows and waterdrop led lighting. It’s so cute, Pinterest called.

December 18 -24 Yule Log (CA87)

We bet by this point there’s no such thing as free-time in your life. You’re evenings are busy with office holiday parties, family get togethers, and trips to the mall for last minute pictures with Santa, if that’s your thing. CA87 complements any dinner gathering as it’s quite the unique centrepiece. We’re bringing nature indoors with this collection, another one-of-a-kind partnership with Woodaznu. CA87 comes in two sizes, Standard and Deluxe, but if you’re really looking to impress, grab one Deluxe and sandwich it between two Standards for the ultimate centrepiece arrangement.

December 25 -31 New Year’s Centerpiece (LEB 104)

Congratulations! You survived Christmas! While we’re all digesting (and simultaneously writing down our New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier), feast your eyes on this. That’s right. The official Le Bouquet 2017 New Year’s centrepiece arrangement. This is your last chance to pig out before January first. Just like the arrangement we featured the week before, this one comes in two sizes – Standard and Deluxe. Again, if you’re looking to impress, sandwich the Deluxe between two Standards for a design so impressive you’re sure to get that New Year’s kiss.

January 1 – 7 Alstroemeria Bouquet

Welcome to 2017! We hope, from our hearts to yours, that this year brings you peace, prosperity, and a whole lotta love. Love from friends and family, and from yourself. We’re so into the idea of treating ourselves for the New Year that we’re all buying ourselves this Alstroemeria bouquet. It’s fresh. It’s colorful. Lively, even. Exactly how we hope we’ll feel until 2018.

DON’T FORGET! Our 2017 LeBouquet Calendar is here! And the first one is free! Additional calendars are yours for only $2 each so grab some for the whole family!

Come pick one up in-store or call us at 514-747-2581 and we’ll add it to your flower delivery!

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