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Breathe Easy and Transform Your Space into a Jungle!

Breathe Easy and Transform Your Space into a Jungle!

And while you’re at it, remove some harmful gasses from your household air… it’s the easiest spring cleaning you’ll ever have to do.Ferns, succulents and air plants are the hottest thing in the plant world. People are looking for ways to live cleaner and greener and these plants are a quick solution. Lucky for you (and us!), our store is full of them. Before checking out our selection, read up on why you need these as well as the ideal places for them in your home.

Air plants:

Even bathrooms need a little bit of love, and air plants are their perfect match! Air plants are jungle plants, which means they like spaces where it’s typically humid, damp, and hot. Just think, after a shower your bathroom transforms into a mini jungle that is so needed for these plants to thrive. With their funky shapes and varying shades of greens and blues, air plants are sure to liven up the bathroom.


Succulents are like the plant equivalent of salt: sprinkle a little here and a dash over there, and suddenly every room is dotted with green! Their small size and flexible living conditions make them perfect for windowsills. While some of them flower, others grow in such bizarre ways it looks like a plant giving birth to another smaller plant! (Seriously, check out ‘Pleiospilos Nelii’.)

Ferns: Our homes (whether we like to think it or not) are not as clean as we think. Invisible gasses such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde are common culprits. Formaldehyde is a substance used in various household items such as cleaning products, cosmetic sprays, detergents or housing infrastructure like manufactured woods used in cabinetry and floorinh. Once released into the air, it can cause nausea, asthma, itchy eyes etc. and seeing as houses are very well insulated these days, it doesn’t escape our living spaces as much as we would like. A potential solution? FERNS! They actually remove these gasses from our air. Don’t believe us? Quick Google search of ‘Ferns and NASA’ will confirm this. Suggestions as to where to place ferns around your home? EVERYWHERE!

Explore our plant section for our complete collection of those showcased here!

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