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DIY Printable Calendar Journal

DIY Printable Calendar Journal

Here’s a DIY so easy a 6 year old can do it! This is also a great one for kids or teens who don’t have the cash to buy Mom or Sister or Flower Enthusiast the bouquet of their dreams.

How about a beautifully crafted organizer journal instead?

This is the printable we’re using today. (MORE VERSIONS BELOW) It’s a 7-day blank organizer which can be used as a calendar or bullet journal. (Right-click ‘save image as…’)

We started by printing 8 sheets, or two months worth (one side only so the other can be used as a doodle page, but feel free to print on both sides).

First we folded each page hamburger style. Do you remember this from elementary school? Hotdog style is lengthwise, hamburger style is widthwise.

Next we placed them side by side, together, in a neat little pile off to the side.

Next we used a regular size sheet of construction paper and folded it in half hamburger style as well.

Keeping the group of neatly folded papers in a bunch, carefully fit them inside the folded construction paper sheet as demonstrated and staple as close to the side as possible down the left side.

This way the pretty side of the staples are showing.

Voila! You’ve just made an adorable journal!

Now all that’s needed is a little cover artwork. We’ll leave that up to you.

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