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How-to Personalize This Year’s Mother’s Day Gift!

How-to Personalize This Year’s Mother’s Day Gift!

One thing is for sure, all these April showers are bringing May flowers! Just in time for mother’s day too.

Instead of leaving it up to the internet or magazines, we’ve actually asked our mothers what they’d like this Mother’s Day and the results are in! The answer? Family-time! Taking this into account we propose a family day, starting with a homemade brunch. Seeing as May welcomes spring, flowers are an absolute must for a brunch. There are endless flower possibilities to decorate the table setting whether its tulips in a mason jar, wildflowers in a cup, roses in a gathering vase, or a mixed bouquet to decorate that forgotten antique vase. No matter which you choose to adorn your one of a kind breakfast feast, it is sure to have her smiling before her morning coffee!

Rather than grabbing the first flowers we see, we thought: What can we use to make up the perfect mother’s day arrangement? First, we listed all the attributes we love about our moms. For example, her endless patience, infinite love, strength, and her perseverance in creating for us the happiest life she could. Then we asked ourselves how we could incorporate this into a unique gift to show her our gratitude for everything she’s done for us? Lucky enough these attributes are symbolically linked to certain flowers!

Patience= Asters
Infinite love= Roses and Pink carnations
Strength= Snapdragons
Happy Life= Stock
Gratitude= Hydrangea

Already we’ve turned a seemingly ‘run-of-the-mill’ gift into one that reflects the qualities we adore and admire in our mothers.

Next, we took something simple and made it extraordinary.

And there we have it. Floral gifts may hold more meaning than you think! Make a list of all the things that mean something to you, research the flowers that reflect them, and we will be here to help you find the right combination! 🙂


We are giving away a beautiful floral centerpiece valued at 75$ to a deserving mother in Montreal. Becoming the winner is easy… just follow the next few steps and you could be offering your mother an exquisite creation!

1. Find the recent Mother’s Day blog post at the top of our Facebook page.

2. Nominate your mother in the comment section.

3. Keep an eye on your inbox messages, we will be drawing the winner on the 11th of May!

4.* To double your chances, share our blog post and your name will be entered into the draw a second time!

*Floral arrangement can be picked up in store the 11th, 12th, or 13th of May, or delivered to any address in Montreal for a fee*.

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