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The Lechuza Collection of Self-Watering Planters – What You Need to Know

The Lechuza Collection of Self-Watering Planters – What You Need to Know

If you are like most lovers of plants and flowers, you understand the importance of keeping your floral decorations properly watered. Depending on how many different varieties of plants and flowers you have – and depending on where they are located – keeping every plant watered promptly and properly can be a chore.

Fortunately, due to the miracles of modern technology (well, a little bit of ingenuity at least), you can actually buy self-watering planters from a Montreal florist to help you conveniently water your plants and flowers – even while you’re not at home.

(This is pretty convenient for those who leave for weeks and have to arrange for someone to come by and water the green children.)

Here, we’ll talk about self-watering planters, including one popular brand found with a Montreal florist – the Lechuza Trend collection of planters.

How Self-Watering Planters Work

A normal planter simply provides a place to hold your plants and flowers, along with the soil or other substrate you use. That’s basically it. Even the most expensive planters are just planters.

A self-watering planter has a built-in reservoir located in the planter that stores the right amount of water and feeds the water into the substrate, giving your plants and flowers the water they need without you having to consistently grab the watering can and get to work.

As you can imagine, this is enormously convenient. It’s the same principle as having a self-watering dish for a dog or cat; you can more or less fill it and forget it until you need to refill it with water later.

It saves you time and effort, and in a busy life, that’s always appreciated.

The Lechuza Collection

Classico LS Premium 21 is one of our more popular sellers in-store. And of this group of products, the Lechuza Trend collection is highly sought-after by plant owners.

The Trend collection is comprised of ten different types of planters, each with their own look and feel. All of them use the same reservoir system to deliver a balanced supply of water to your plants, and include a helpful indicator that prompts you when you need to refill your planter.

This particular Lechuza collection is desired (and thus is available with a local Montreal florist) because of the trendy, fashionable look of the planters – hence its name.

One favorite planter is the Nido Cottage. This is a hanging basket that can be used to grow plants quickly and can also be used as a table planter.

We Admit: We Love Plants that Water Themselves!

See if your favorite Montreal florist has these or other self-watering planters available. Once you use one, you’ll be hooked!

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