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This Montreal florist has some new business cards!

This Montreal florist has some new business cards!

Flower delivery service/…business card designer?
We got to thinking. Could we come up with a creative business card that could do more than just tell people we’re a Montreal based florist located in St-Laurent?

We put media girl to work. Could she find a way to combine our love of floral design with functionality? Every arrangment has two functions, essentially: to provide beauty and to uplift. You get two-for-one, when you really think about it, so shouldn’t our business cards offer the same?

Keeping that in mind, media girl went about about cutting, folding, and reshaping our original card into what you see now.

Owners Joseph and Natalie each have business cards which can be folded into our signature fresh cut flower bouquet or long stem rose bouquet.

The general business card can be folded into a miniature version of our boxed chocolates.

“I’ve never seen cards like that before!”

“That takes some patience.”

“Sick! That is so cool!”

“Can you actually fit a chocolate in there?”

So now you can partake in the business card folding fun! Collect them all in-store! Or request one when you order your flowers online!

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Salim Ibrahim
  • Salim Ibrahim
  • 155 Boulevard Deguire
  • 1407
  • Montréal H4N 1N9
  • QC, CA
Catherine Zaloshnja
  • Catherine Zaloshnja
  • 2555 rue Grenet
  • app 405
  • Montreal H4L 0A9
  • QC, CA
Essilor (Cinzia Colella, Communications)
  • Cinzia Colella
  • 371 rue Deslauriers
  • St-Laurent H4N 1W2
  • QC, CA

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