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For many people, the holidays are a special time of year where traditions help us relive our treasured memories and give us the opportunity for creating many new ones.

A popular tradition for many families and a Christmas staple is to decorate our home with a beautiful Poinsettia! This festive plant is a favourite around the holidays and your trusted Montreal florist is sure to have a wide variety of the most exquisite Poinsettias ranging in many different sizes and bright joyful colours. Your local florist might even include a few extra decorations like pine and balsam or pinecones and ribbons to really add that extract touch of Holiday cheer!

Poinsettias also make great gifts for your family, friends, colleagues and any special person you want to send happy holiday wishes to! For a wonderful holiday surprise, choose to send your Christmas gift with Le Bouquet St-Laurent! This thoughtful gesture will make your loved ones feel very special this Holiday Season!

Poinsettia Colours

The most popular Christmas plant around the holidays is the Poinsettia and the colour most in demand with no surprise is traditional Christmas red! Although, if you’re looking for a Poinsettia with a unique colour, ask your favourite Montreal florist to show you the many stunning Poinsettia varieties available in white, green, pink, yellow and even multicoloured! Once you have chosen your favourite colour, ask your trusted florist to decorate it with Christmas greens, pinecones and a planter to really add a festive feel to the holiday decor in your home.

Poinsettia Myths

If you are debating adding a beautiful Poinsettia to your home this holiday season because of pets or small children, the fact is, contrary to popular belief Poinsettias are not poisonous at all. Although it is not recommended to ingest their leaves, a very large amount ingested (500 – 600 leaves) might cause slight abdominal discomfort.

Caring for Poinsettias

Although it is important to water your Poinsettias regularly, in order to avoid over-watering them, feel the top of the soil, if it is dry to the touch you may water them again. Keep your Poinsettias healthy by placing them in a direct light source and away from cold drafts of air.
For extra care tips or any help choosing the perfect Poinsettia for your home this holiday season please visit us at our store or shop online at https://www.lebouquet.comIt would be a pleasure for us to be a part of your holiday traditions!

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