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Seasonal Fall Bouquet

Seasonal Fall Bouquet

We are at the peak of Autumn bliss! We can still enjoy the sun’s radiance and glow which makes this cooler weather much more enjoyable. As we look around us, we take in the display of coloured leaves in the rich tones of red, yellow, orange, and even burgundies!

Why not take this time for an afternoon stroll to visit the public markets full of harvest produce in all their glorious Fall colours. Squash, pumpkins and eggplants showcased in rows are a reminder that Fall is a season to be thankful for, filled with abundance and beauty!

As we wander through the charming streets of Montreal, we can enjoy sighting many pretty boutiques that have ornamented their displays in spirit of the season, using baskets adorned with pumpkins, cattails and chrysanthemums. We soon find ourselves wanting to recreate this ambiance at home to brighten our surroundings and instil a feeling of warmth.

Luckily, your favorite Montreal florist can help you recreate this wonderful and warm ambiance by providing you with an array of gorgeous seasonal products including Autumn coloured floral bouquets and decorations to embellish your home and capture the essence of Fall. Call your trusted Montreal florist to order beautifully stylized arrangements made with pumpkins, gourds and fresh long lasting chrysanthemums – the perfect decoration to adorn your dining room table. Fresh cut flowers such as orange lilies are an embellishment for any Fall décor, while red gerberas or yellow roses can also add a pop of colour to your home!

It’s easy to encapsulate the essence of Fall in your own surroundings by ordering long lasting Chrysanthemums in hues of burgundy, orange and yellow from your Montreal Florist. A seasonal favorite, here are a few Tricks on how to Treat your Chrysanthemums and keep them beautiful and even longer lasting!

  • First, fill a vase with water and allow it to come to room temperature. Remove any foliage (leaves) touching water in your vase; submerged foliage can rot and encourage bacteria.
  • Using a sharp knife or floral shears, cut each stem under cold water at a 45-degree angle.
  • Arrange your Chrysanthemums in your vase and add floral food.
  • For long lasting Chrysanthemums, it’s very important to recondition them! Cut the stems, change their water, and add floral food daily.
  • Keep your Chrysanthemums in a cool room, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat and drafts.

The magic of Halloween is creeping up on us – with children and even parents marvelling at the amazing decorations this festive occasion brings. In order to be in tune with the Halloween spirit, you can visit your local Montreal Florist to discover plenty of beautiful flowers arranged directly in pumpkins, a seasonal treat for everyone’s eyes!

Wishing you a great Fall season and a safe & happy Halloween!

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