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Timeless vs Trendy

Timeless vs Trendy

Timeless vs Trendy

An expression of love does not have to be a massive gesture and a Valentine’s day gift is no exception. Love is personal therefore only you can determine the ideal way of expressing it. So stop stressing about the perfect gift because a gift marking this holiday should represent yourself as much- if not more- than the person to whom you’re gifting… and if you’re worried about whether or not they’ll like it, just remember that you chose it because it reminds you of them.

When it comes to flowers, Le Bouquet has made this floral maze easier to navigate by making their Valentine’s Day collection available immediately to you (or for delivery!) online. Showing up to the store on Valentine’s Day can be quite intimidating: a line snaking out the store door, bouquets of roses lining the walls of the store, florists working meticulously to create bouquets and flowers. seemingly effortless but ultimately stunning floral boxes as well as endless boxes of incredibly delicious Belgian chocolates ready to be devoured. It’s easy to just point to the nearest arrangement and leave before feeling too overwhelmed but then what about the thought? Where was this connection between your romantic gesture and your Valentine? Don’t accept the idea that Valentine’s Day is impersonal because it’s only true if you think it is. Take it from the family who knows it… we’ve been doing it for over 40 years!

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of timeless and on-trend pieces to help you shed the impersonal and find the perfect!

Now ask yourself: is your Valentine timeless or trendy?

The timeless

Timeless is for the person who likes to keep things simple, who can be hopelessly romantic, who loves to be amazed, or who stays true to tradition.

  • So, forget the bears in bloom and forget the blue roses (yes, they do exist!) and opt instead for our Selection of Red Roses arranged and stored in a box for an optimal surprise or directly in a vase for a maximum impression .
  • Or perhaps our Lush Life arrangement would suit better: 12 red roses in a compact hand-tied bouquet placed in a gold and white ceramic vase accented with gold heart details.
  • And for those who stay true to tradition, all of the In the Name of Love or Sweet Like a Heart products come in a package each including roses, chocolates and a teddy bear (or, in the case of Sweet Like a Heart , an adorable beagle soft toy).

The Trend

Trend is for the person who likes to live in the moment, who knows everything and knows what’s in fashion or who can’t settle for what’s already been done.

  • In that case, forget the teddy bears and the standard rose bouquet and instead opt for one of our new products, such as Rose Gold, which includes carnations, regular and spray roses and a silver eucalyptus in a geometric vase in rose gold.
  • If you are looking for something quite unique, opt for our Blue Roses which can also be packaged in a box or arranged directly in a vase.
  • If roses aren’t for them, check out Kisses in a lip-studded ceramic vase that holds pretty spring tulips in varying shades of mauve, pink, red and white.
  • Finally, if roses are still close to your heart but arranging them in a vase is too complicated, try Amour Amour, which contains a charcoal and white patterned box filled with rose heads of various sizes and colors that we affectionately call it “shades of love”.

The Ti- Break

Flowers are so versatile that even using one type of flower, for example a rose, can become a timeless and trendy item. Take for example the eternal roses that have been popping up in our news feeds: specially preserved roses that will last a lifetime are carefully packaged in clear acrylic boxes or a single red rose perfectly packaged in a clear cylindrical case (psst…we have all this right here). So when you give this gift, you’re giving the most timeless gift of Valentine’s Day – the rose – in an everlasting and fashionable way.

Happy Shopping!

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