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Valentine’s 2018

Valentine’s 2018

Cupid is collecting his arrows and love is in the air…

One of the surest ways to success is getting things done early-sorry to the procrastinators out there but it’s true! To do’s shouldn’t be put off until the last minute. Preparation is key: in this day and age, juggling 101 daily tasks and activities does nothing to reduce our stress, and bringing a smile to the face of a loved one shouldn’t be considered one of these stressors. Knowing and feeling exactly this same way, the Le Bouquet St-Laurent Team has made it as easy as possible to check that ‘to do’ right off your list! We’ve assembled all of our Valentine’s products into one category so that no matter if you prefer ordering by Web or by phone, we guarantee simplicity.

If that’s not enough, here are three reasons why you should beat the rush and order today:

  1. First come first serve! Every year there are a couple of products that really stand out. With no surprise, these are hot sellers are sold out long before the 14th comes around! Forecasted top picks this year are Amour Amour and Lush Life, which has just been glammed up with a new vase! Both arrangements feature classic roses in red or of shades of love.

2. Savings are better when you order early! Must I say more? Check out the coupon codes below.


Use coupon code ‘VAL10’ for 10% off anything on our website OR ‘13FEV’ for a FREE delivery on the 13th of February when you spend 75$ or more!
Only one coupon code is redeemable per order. VAL10 applicable until January 31st only.

3. Save yourself the stress of the Valentine’s Day rush… Enjoy the feeling of driving home to your loved one while avoiding the flower shop traffic. Believe me, we live in Canada with some of the most unpredictable weather. So if I could suggest just one more hint, schedule your delivery for the 13th. Our local delivery system to the greater Montreal area is just one of the ways we’re here to help.

Phew, don’t you already feel better about this upcoming holiday? We do! More importantly, less time scrambling means more time with that special someone. After all…isn’t that what it’s all about?


Cupid’s Little Helpers (Le Bouquet St-Laurent)

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